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Need a sperm donor?

Many women are unable to have a child without using donated sperm by artificial insemination. The majority of these will be lesbian couples or single women, whereby receiving donated sperm is the only option of becoming a parent. Also infertile couples, where there is a male fertility problem, may also require donated sperm and may wish to choose a connection service such as Pride Angel so that they can meet the prospective donor.

Lesbian couple

Are you a lesbian couple who would like to search for your perfect sperm donor who is willingly to have little or no contact with your child, then register as a recipient and start adding your profile. If you would prefer for the child's father to play a greater role in the upbringing of your child then please register as a co-parent.

Single women

If you are a single woman who would like to meet a sperm donor who has little or no contact with the child, please register as a recipient. It is important to realise that the donor may be seen as the 'father' in the eyes of the law. It is recommended that legal advice is sought before undergoing any insemination. If you would prefer for the father to have more involvement in the child's upbringing then please register as a co-parent.

Infertile couple

Some infertile couples may wish to use a known sperm donor, through a connection service such as Pride Angel. When male infertility is the main cause of the problem, artificial insemination using donated sperm can be a successful procedure. The couple may wish to meet the donor but have no further involvement other than for the child's identity and the ability for the child to contact the donor when they are older if they wish to.

Do you need an egg donor?

Register as a recipient and add your profile saying that you are looking for an egg donor. Donor eggs provide a solution for women without ovarian function, and have also enabled women to be treated for other serious problems, such as poor response to IVF and repeated miscarriage. The use of donor eggs can also be used when the woman carries a hereditary disease.


All egg donor arrangements must go through HFEA regulated fertility clinics, whereby counselling will be given and a series of health checks before the process can begin.

Costs and expenses

The egg donors on this site are willing to donate free of charge. Cost of treatment is the responsibility of the recipient, please contact your local fertility clinic for further details. Egg donors may request expenses to be covered, such as travelling costs, overnight stays if required and any child care costs.

Donor agreement

It is vital to be honest and open with your prospective donor about what level of involvement if any, you would like your child to have with the donor from the start. We highly recommend that you seek legal advice and draw up legal donor agreements.