Premium member benefits

Join as a Premium Member to get many extra benefits:

Appear first in search results

As a premium member you will appear first in search results regardless of when you login. This will help you be seen far more when people are searching.

Free monthly message credits

As a premium member you will receive unlimted message credits. This means you don't need to worry about using up your message credits. Instead you can feel free to chat with as many other members as you wish.

View Health questionnaire

As a premium member you will get to view other member's health questionnaire. The health questionnaire will you give answers to many questions, such as 'what is their diet like?' 'Do they exercise?'. 'Do they have diabetes or cancer in their family?' and 'Are they willing to have STI testing?' and many more questions.

View Personality test

As a premium members you will be able to view other members' Personality test results. Our mini Personality test is based on Myers Briggs personality type theory. A four letter code is assigned which gives one specific personality type description out of a possible 16. The personality test is a great tool for understanding more about your donor, co-parent or recipient.

View Baby photos

If you donor, co-parent or recipient have added a Baby photo in their profile, then as a premium member you will be able to see view this baby photo.

Add extra photos

As a premium member you have the option of adding up to 8 photos within your profile. This is a great way of letting other members see more about you.

Add extra profile wording

As a premium member you can add up to 500 words about yourself in your profile, so feel free to write as much as you wish, without being limited.

Add Youtube video clip

As a premium member you can add a YouTube video. This video can be a video about yourself and can be uploaded to Youtube privately, but only seen by Pride Angel members. If you want to make your search for a donor or co-parent more personal then this is a great way to do so. You may be a sperm donor wishing to talk more about why you are wishing to donate.

Alternatively you may add any YouTube clip of your choice. Something which means something personal to you, or expresses your interests and hobbies.

Free eBook download

As a premium member you can download our e-booklet for free. We will be uploading various topics throughout the year.

Currently our e-booklet is titled: 'Creating a family with a known sperm donor'

see contents:

1) Introduction

2) Why choose a known or private donor

3) Are you wanting to co-parent instead

4) Where to find my sperm donor

5) How to choose your sperm donor

6) Is it nature of nurture

7) Questions to ask your sperm donor

8) How to help prevent future issues

9) What the law says about sperm donors

10) Health screening

11) Genetic testing

12) Home insemination or a Fertility Clinic

13) What and when to tell my child

14) Summary


Contact Pride Angel Team for advice

As a premium member you are able to ask questions directly to our Pride Angel team, through an internal link direct from your profile. Feel free to ask questions about co-parenting, home insemination, improving fertility or any other questions you wish to ask.

10% discount on shop products

As a premium member you will automatically get a 10% discount off all shop products. Just login before making your purchase to get the discount.

20% Discount for the Fertility Show (London and Manchester)

As a premium member you will get 20% discount off entry to the Fertility Show is London or Manchester. In addition you are entitled to a free seminar ticket to Pride Angel talks.

Further discounts by email

As a premium member  you will be entitled to further discounts emailed to you.


Note: Premium membership is by means of monthly subscription payments via the Stripe payment system. A minimum of 3 monthly payments are required when setting up your premium membership, after which direct debits may be cancelled at any time. After cancellation premium memberships will be converted to standard membership.