Your Stories

Pride Angel would love to hear from our members, past or present. It is you that makes the website, your stories, your experiences.

Beggining the journey of finding a donor, co-parent or choosing to donate can seem daunting, so its really reassuring to hear other members experiences, whether they are good or bad and any advice you would give. By sharing your journey, you will be helping others who are in the same situation.

Irrespective of whether you are a donor, a recipient or a co-parent we would love to hear your journeys. Here are some ways in which you may be able to give feedback and help others:


  • Would you be willing to provide a testimonial for our testimonials section?
  • Would you be happy to share your story about finding your donor or co-parent by means of a short blog?
  • Would you be interested in talking to a production company about your journey?
  • Would you like to join our Pride Angel Families section and share your experiences through the forum?
  • Would you be interested in supporting Pride Angel in other ways? for example social media or Events?


If YES then we really appreciate it and would LOVE to hear from you, please contact us