My Story

Let me share my experience with you, to give an insight as to why I feel so passionate about Pride Angel and helping our members achieve their dream of becoming parents.

Erika has personal experience of bringing a child into the world as a lesbian using donor conception, hence she understands the struggle that many single, lesbian, gay and infertile couples face while desperately wanting to become parents.

Erika's story

Becoming a mum is something I had always dreamt of and through Pride Angel I was able to find my perfect sperm donor.  After conceiving through home insemination I gave birth to our baby daughter in November 2017. We opted for a home birth in water, with a 'one to one' midwife. Through hypno-birthing I was able to give birth naturally without any intervention or pain relief, something which we believe enabled our baby to be born in a more relaxed manner. Our daughter is now 3years and a healthy and happy light girl full of energy.  It was important for us to choose a donor who was happy to keep in touch with our daughter and be part of her life like an 'uncle type' figure. We decided that our donor would be called 'daddy' to make it easier for her to tell her friends at pre-school that she has a dad and two mums. Our donor has seen our daughter sees her donor Daddy a few times a year. Contact may have been more often but our donor moved abroad with work, so he now visits when back in the UK. We are pleased that we have also had contact with our donor's parents who only live an hour away and are known as 'nanny and grandad' We believe that the more love the better and that our daughter knowing her biological father and grandparents will help with her identity as she grows up.

Through our personal experience we have aimed to create a service to help people find their right co-parent or donor match, ensuring that they have the right information regarding health screening and legal considerations.

Last updated: 01.09.2021


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