Fertility Show London

Fertility Show London

The worlds first 'fertility show' took place this weekend at the Olympia Conference centre London. Pride Angel went to communicate with leading charities, infertility support networks and fertility clinics at the exhibition. The response to Pride Angel's new connection service was extremely positive. 'What a fantastic idea and service, we never new such a site existed for enabling sperm donors, co-parents and recipients to connect and gain the correct advice' was the response from many exhibitors.

The fertility show was a huge success, with many thousands of attendees. Seminars by leading nutritional expert Zita West where sold out well in advance. Although Pride Angel did manage to speak personally with Zita West regarding her giving advice to our members on our site in the future.

The fertility show held over 80 exhibits and 45 talks from top fertility experts. Pride Angel will soon be creating a new recommended links section connecting to many of the services and clinics offered at the fertility show. We want to help all our members by giving the right advice and the recommended contacts they need when making such an important and exciting decision to start a family.

Posted: 10/11/2009 14:40:18


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