Pink News - Pride Angel Promotion

Pink News - Pride Angel Promotion

A brand new worldwide donor connection website has launched. Pride Angel is the first website of its kind to aim towards the gay and lesbian community and was founded by a lesbian couple who have first-hand experience of known donor conception.

The creators of this social networking connection site, forum and blog are also professional scientists who are committed to giving their users all the necessary health screening advice and legal contacts needed.

"Many women wish to meet the sperm donor to find out a little more about their personality and characteristics. Some women are also looking for donors who would like to have occasional contact with the child like an 'uncle figure' in their lives, without the parental or financial responsibility. Gay and lesbian couples are also increasingly considering shared co-parenting arrangements. 'We believe that whatever the level of contact, it is beneficial to the child to know of the donor's identity, this openness from the beginning often leads to more contented and well balanced children and eventually adults," said Erika, the founder of Pride Angel.

The Pride Angel connection website is a professional user-friendly site with many unique features. It allows members to add their own personal profile as a sperm donor, egg donor, co-parent or recipient, and complete an optional on-line health questionnaire. Members communicate safely through an internal messaging system by means of message credits. Users can search the site by a quick or advanced search facility enabling users to narrow down searches by choosing a preferable characteristic such as eye colour or hair colour. The site has advanced functionality to prevent donors over-contacting recipients along with email reminders of the live birth donor law within the UK. The site is also constantly monitored to ensure all members are genuine.

Due to recent law changes and the introduction of the new parenting law, lesbian couples can now both be named on the birth certificate and take equal parental responsibility. This law also means that lesbian couples in civil partnerships can use known donors and be treated using IUI (inter-uterine insemination) rather than IVF. This new law allows men to donate sperm to a couple of their choice without the worry of being held financially responsible. Gay men also have the option of having definite contact with the child if agreed between everyone involved, through legal contact orders. There are now many legal options to suit different family situations, depending on who donors donate sperm to and what level of contact with the child they wish to have.

Members are advised to use HFEA regulated fertility clinics for treatment and to gain all the right legal advice regarding setting up written donor or co-parenting agreements from fertility law specialists.



Posted: 26/11/2009 14:55:21


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