Jennifer Aniston: searches for a sperm donor in her new movie 'The Switch'

Jennifer Aniston: searches for a sperm donor in her new movie 'The Switch'

image-3.jpgJennifer Aniston plays a wannabe mother who undergoes artificial insemination, using what she believes is the perfect donor's sperm, to get pregnant.

And when it comes to off screen it seems Aniston would allow life to imitate art, insisting that if she ever went that route she too would definitely 'wanna know the guy'.

Aniston revealed her preference during an appearance on Jay Leno's Tonight Show, in Los Angeles.

In The Switch, Aniston plays singleton Kassie who is desperate to have a baby. Ignoring the objections of her best friend, Wally (played by Jason Bateman) she decides to go it alone.

Kassie chooses a handsome and charming donor but before she can complete the act of insemination, unbeknown to her, a drunk Wally swaps the sperm for his own.

The switch isn’t discovered until seven years later when he finally meets her precocious, though slightly neurotic, son.

Aniston has talked about her desire to be a mother one day, telling Entertainment Weekly 'I'm on the verge of it in some's something I long for.'

But when it comes to how the single star plans on accomplishing her dream, she's keeping decidedly mum. Leno asked Aniston if she would ever take a page from The Switch and 'just go down the bank' to get pregnant?

'Jeeze that question has never been asked to me,' she deadpanned. 'You go to the bank and you have a card...I honestly don't know exactly.'

'The Switch' is to be released nationwide on 3rd September 2010.

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