Egg donation - Donors are in short supply

Egg donation - Donors are in short supply

image-6.jpgDoctor's Diary: James Le Fanu from the Telegraph looks at the complex issue of egg donation

The prospects for women wishing to have children but unable to do so because their ovaries cannot produce eggs are compromised by the limits of human generosity. People may be only too happy to provide for (virtually) nothing their blood or sperm for the benefit of strangers, or donate a spare kidney to a relative in need, but the practicalities of donating eggs that may require taking drugs and a laparoscopic procedure to harvest them is a call too far.

This is one of the few situations in which the market offers a better (or indeed the only) way to match supply with demand by paying prospective donors a generous sum for their eggs – highlighted by the decision of the Genetics and IVF Institute last week to “raffle” a human egg as a way of drawing attention to the service that it provides.

There are several practices – cloning, experiments on human embryos and the like – that are morally highly contentious but providing women with the opportunity to appreciate the joys of motherhood they would otherwise be denied can scarcely be described, as claimed, to be “a ruthless exploitation of the vulnerable”.

Become an egg donor

Becoming an egg donor takes a special person and is so important in transforming the lives of infertile couples. By deciding to be an egg donor you have the opportunity to help an infertile woman bring a child into their life, which is by far the best gift anyone could receive. There are an increasing number of women worldwide who, for many reasons, can not conceive and need an egg donor. Unfortunately many women never get the opportunity to undertake treatment due to a shortage of egg donors.

Willing to help women by donating eggs?

Pride Angel is looking for genuine women, lesbian, straight, single or married who are willing to help infertile women achieve their dream of becoming parents. Egg donors are able to donate directly to the woman or couple of their choice by personal arrangement.

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