IVF mistake - Accidental surrogate hands over baby

IVF mistake - Accidental surrogate hands over baby

An American woman who was accidentally impregnated with another couple's embryo has handed the baby over to its biological parents.

Carolyn Savage gave birth to a beautiful baby boy at Mercy St Vincent Medical Centre in Toledo, but he wasn't hers. Due to a mix up at the fertility clinic, Mrs Savage had been implanted with an embryo belonging to Shannon and Paul Morell.

Given the choice of terminating the pregnancy or handing the baby over once he was born, she chose to carry the child to term. Mrs Morell, whose maiden name was also Savage, had six embryos frozen after giving birth to twins. But when they were ready to try for a third child they got an urgent call from their fertility doctor, the New York Post reports.

"I'm so sorry, Shannon, but there's been a terrible incident in our lab," he said. "Your embryos have thawed." "Your embryos were transferred to another woman."

Due to a human error at the lab, Mrs Morell's embryos were filed under her maiden name and transferred to Mrs Savage "I couldn't have felt more violated," Mrs Morell wrote in a new memoir, Misconception. "Of all the people in the world - of all the people who have embryos at this clinic - why did this happen to us?"

The two couples met during the pregnancy and the women warmed to each other. They bonded and became friends. The baby, named Logan, also has the middle name Savage.

"There's a connection with these people," Mrs Morell said in an interview with The New York Post. "He's given that name so he'll always remember what happened."

Photo: Shannon and Paul Morell are shown with their son Logan

Article: 10th May 2010 Telegraph.co.uk

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