Exhibitors at the Alternative Families Show London

Exhibitors at the Alternative Families Show London

The Alternative Families Show is taking place this Saturday 23rd October 2010 - 10am to 5pm, Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden, London. Tickets are now available on the day priced £10.

The Alternative Families Show is for would be parents and for families already set up. For those people looking to start a family there are experts on hand to discuss all the options available to a same-sex, male or female couple and to single people wanting to become a parent. Informative seminars will be running throughout the day from conception to schooling.

The show is also for families we have legal advice, opportunities to meet support networks, other parents, and to hear about research findings from Stonewall on children. There will be free children's entertainment throughout the day, allowing parents to speak to the experts in the same room.

Exhibitors at the Alternative Familes Show include:

Pride Angel
Pride Angel is a leading worldwide connection site, fertility forum and blog for lesbian, gay, single and infertile couples, wishing to become parents through co-parenting and donor conception. www.prideangel.com

London Women's Clinic
The LWC provides IVF and fertility treatments to assist couples and individuals overcome their difficulties in conception and pregnancy. They have over 20 years’ experience and operate one of the most successful programmes in the world. www.lwclinic.co.uk

London Sperm Bank
The UK's premier sperm bank. Giving women in the U.K. maximum choice without having to undertake expensive travel abroad. The LSB is licensed by the HFEA. www.londonspermbank.com

The lesbian, gay and bisexual charity. Stonewall played a key role in lobbying for important legislative changes for gay and lesbian parents. www.stonewall.org.uk

Time for children
Time for Children is a child-centred fostering agency specialising in the provision for sibling groups - hence our motto, 'enabling brothers and sisters to stay together'. www.timeforchildren.org

The Agora Gynaecology & Fertility Centre
The Agora Gynaecology & Fertility Centre, a new centre of excellence in the South of England dedicated to the needs of women and their partners. www.agoraclinic.co.uk

Sutton welcomes adoption applications from ordinary people from all walks of life regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, marital status, or property ownership. We welcome enquiries from prospective adopters who live outside the Sutton borough. www.sutton.gov.uk

European Sperm Bank
European Sperm Bank provides patients with donor choices. They select donors very carefully and use industry-leading donor screening procedures strictly in line with EU regulations. www.europeanspermbank.com

British Association for Adoption and Fostering. Family finding, publications, training, conferences, consultancy, campaigning and advice.

Birmingham Women's Fertility Centre
Birmingham Women’s have offered NHS and private patients supportive and successful treatment for over 20 years. We are a leading centre in recruitment of donors and pioneered an egg-sharing scheme that reduces treatment costs for eligible patients. A member of Stonewall’s Healthy Lives Programme.

Active Aims Ltd
Positive physical health and an ability to cope with stress will significantly increase your chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy. Active Aims Ltd specialises in health coaching, personal training and health education.. www.activeaims.com

Ealing - Be the Daddies
As a gay adoptive parent you’ll take on all kinds of roles in a child’s life. It’s demanding, challenging, immensely rewarding – like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. We’re here to support you all of the way. We have children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds and are seeking equally diverse people to make their lives complete. www.ealing.gov.uk

New Family Social
New Family Social is a support group run by, and for, LGBT adopters and foster carers across the UK. www.newfamilysocial.co.uk

If you want a baby we want to help...We offer fertility treatment in Denmark. We are one hour direct flight from London, have a high success rate, no waiting list, have both anonymous and open sperm donors to choose from and to top it all its less that £500 per IUI. www.diersklinik.co.uk

The North East London Adoption Group
The North East London Adoption Group is a consortium of 6 Local Authority adoption agencies working together to improve placement opportunities for children, the recruitment, preparation and support of adopters and services for those with adoption in their lives in our area. The agencies are Barking & Dagenham, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Newham and Redbridge. We also work with Barnardos and Norwood. For more information please see www.thinkadoption.org

Creating families
The Center for Surrogate Parenting, based in Maryland as well as California, has been helping couples become parents for over 30 years and our first gay couple became parents in 1987. We have never had a surrogate refuse to relinquish a child or had a couple be denied entry to their home country with their baby. CSP is a fully comprehensive program. We offer you pre-screened surrogate mothers, with medical insurance, fully psychologically and medically screened. No wait for a pre-screened surrogate. www.creatingfamilies.com

The North London Consortium
The North London Adoption Consortium (NLAC) is a partnership of five local authority adoption agencies (Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington) and the voluntary agency Norwood. We all work together to provide the very best possible service for children waiting to be adopted and for those wanting to adopt. Working in partnership means we are able to offer a greater range of choice for children and adopters. By sharing information about waiting children and approved adopters, we are able to find new homes for children in a more efficient and timely manner. www.adoptionnorthlondon.org

For more information text Adoption followed by your email address to 60777 or email your name and address to nlac@adoption.org.uk

Adoption UK
Adoption UK is a national charity run by and for adopters, providing self-help information, advice, support and training on all aspects of adoption and adoptive parenting. They work with parents and practitioners to make adoptions succeed, promoting loving and supportive family relationships within adoptive families. www.adoptionuk.org

KoRa Healthcare
KoRa Healthcare specialises in the development, marketing & sale of niche products to hospitals and retail pharmacies. Therapeutic areas include female sexual health, mineral and vitamin deficiencies and renal disorders. Relactagel is a lactic acid gel for treatment and prevention of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) which affects one in three women at some point. Studies show a prevalence of BV in lesbians of 24 – 51%.

Children's Entertainer for the event...
Creating unique events and activities for children of all ages, Sharky & George is based entirely on the belief that being energetic and imaginative is the key to having good, honest fun. www.sharkyandgeorge.com

Find out more about co-parenting and donor conception for gay and lesbian couples at www.prideangel.com

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