Take a Break Reveals Sperm Donors

Take a Break Reveals Sperm Donors

Take a Break have recently covered an article revealing sperm donors who offer natural insemination (or sexual intercourse) to single and lesbian women. Their investigation into unregulated sperm donors gets deeper.

Take a Break tracked them down on Britain’s top social network Facebook. The group is called ‘Help Find Suitable FREE Sperm Donors in the UK’. Also other groups called ‘Lesbian Seeking Sperm’ and an online group ‘Support Sperm Donation’.

Sperm donors revealed include:
Rod, of Liverpool
Describes himself as: Donor from near Liverpool, looking for other couples and singles to help, 6ft 3” tall, slim build, blue eyes, brown hair, clean, professional.
Requests: assisted artificial insemination (with a helping hand)

Leroy 43, Eastbourne, East Sussex.
Member of 10 Facebook sperm donation groups
Requests: natural insemination

Dave, 31, near Seattle, USA
Member of online group ‘Need a sperm donor to complete our family’
Requests: natural insemination

Derek, 36, Northampton
Member of online group ‘Lesbian Seeking Sperm’
Derek says: I am a 36 year old sperm donor based in Northamptonshire UK. If you would like to get in touch to discuss any requirements you may have or any questions please get in touch and we can decide if I am suitable to help.
Requests: natural insemination

Alan, 36, Manchester
Requests: natural insemination

Andrew, Cambridge
Member of the online group ‘Support Sperm Donation’
Andrew says: How much can I earn donating sperm? I have a lot of spare time on my hands. I think this would be an enjoyable/profitable way to prevent my boredom.
Requests: natural insemination

Giwrgos, 26, Athens, Greece
Requests: natural insemination
Giwrgos says: I only donate to people who are not able to have kids. All the rest pay a heavy fee of 2000euros. Prices normally go from 12K-50K. In some cases even 100K. It’s better to come with cash, however we will get you 100 per cent pregnant before we have to exchange anything.

Pride Angel
Pride Angel is the only connection site to continually monitor member’s profiles and acts upon all ‘report abuse’ comments, to help provide a safer site for connecting genuine sperm donors and co-parents. Sperm donors must abide by the following items within our ‘Code of Conduct’:

Donors must not offer natural insemination to recipients
Donors must not request payment for donations (other than reasonable expenses)
Donors must not donate to numerous women

Suspect a sperm donor? Report them!
Any member who suspects that any of the above sperm donors are offering their services within Pride Angel, or any other sperm donors are breaking the 'Code of Conduct' are requested to report them using the ‘Report Abuse’ button.


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