Are we heading for an Infertility Epidemic?

Are we heading for an Infertility Epidemic?

Research figures published in 2005 stated that by 2015, 33% of the population would be infertile. Now, as we head into 2012, we are only 3 years away, so, are we still heading for this infertility epidemic and why?

Since the introduction of industrial, agricultural and household chemicals in the 1960’s, we have continued to be exposed to an increasing number of toxic chemicals; in turn fertility problems have risen continually every year. Today, an average 30 yr old female in Britain has at least 500 potentially dangerous man made chemicals in a fat sample, whereas an Egyptian mummy has none. Likewise, men in western countries have half the sperm production of their grandfathers at the same age. This information alone is reason enough to understand why we are becoming infertile.

Dr. Alan Beer, a world renowned Immunologist, stated in his 2006 book “Is your body baby friendly?”, that as much as 40% of unexplained infertility may be the result of immune problems, as are as many as 80% of unexplained pregnancy losses. Immune problems may be lying dormant and there may be an imbalance causing disruption to your fertility which you and your GP may be unaware of it. An imbalanced immune system may be attacking any successful attempts of conception; therefore the body is in conflict with itself and needs to be rebalanced. With 80% of our immune system residing in the Digestive System, this highlights the importance of good digestion to aid in strengthening Immunity.

With an abundance of food choices today, our diets are often lacking in nutrients which directly affects successful conception and pregnancy. There have been several recent articles in the press about the increase of rickets due to vitamin D deficiency in pregnant mothers. Vitamin D deficiency is on the increase impacting the health of the Egg & Sperm and causing fertility problems.

Infertility is a modern day problem; our lifestyles, poor diets and lack of understanding of health are not conducive to fertility.

Article: 22nd December 2011 by Clare & Donovan Blake

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