Gay couple told they will be grandparents goes viral on YouTube

Gay couple told they will be grandparents goes viral on YouTube

A reaction video posted by user charper 140 on 11 December 2010 of a gay couple hearing the news that they are to be grandparents has gone viral after a year on popular self-broadcasting site, YouTube.

Titled "We told Dads they're going to be Grandpas", the video depicts a family gathering of the two men and a young woman in a kitchen in America, a third man is filming.

The cameraman asks the couple: "So, tell me what it's going to be like, now that you two are going to be grandpas".

The reaction of sheer joy and disbelief, in particular displayed by the man in white, has become a huge hit across the web. Although it is unclear why the video has suddenly become so popular.

Comments include, "I challenge anyone (with a brain, heart or soul) to see such genuine love and tell them it's wrong."

"Every child should be born into a house with this much love and joy, the world would be a much better place."

The most popular comment, currently standing at 55 Vote Ups, stands firm with YouTube's satirical following: "Hold on, THIS is what's destroying my traditional family?"

In second place comes "This is why same sex marriage should be legal" with 17 votes.

Article: 16th December 2011

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