Happy New Year from Pride Angel - Free message credits!

Happy New Year from Pride Angel - Free message credits!

To celebrate Pride Angel’s 3rd New Year's celebration and as a thank you to all our members, we are giving free message credits to all those who login over the New Year Period.

How to get your FREE message credits?

Simply log back into Pride Angel or Register if you’re not a member during the New Year period:

- Login on the 31st December or the 1st January 2012 to receive 5 free message credits

Your free message credits will be added to your account on the 2nd January – don’t worry you don’t need to do anything!

It’s also a great idea to update your profile regularly and make sure that all your ‘About you’ details are up to date!
So take advantage and login or register now.

Leave a lasting impression... It’s important to make sure that you are utilising all the tools available to you on the Pride Angel website in order to promote yourself to others.

Here are some quick tips for improving your profile:
- Update your ‘About You’ details: this is your opportunity to talk about your likes, dislikes, your values and interesting facts about you and your life – make sure you fill it in!

- Complete your health questionnaire: this is an important part of a profile for people looking for potential donors, recipients and co-parents. Assure people who are viewing your profile that you have the all clear!

- Add a current photograph: Let people see your face! It’s a common fact that people react to profiles with photographs so to increase your chances of a click through, add a recent photo!

Login and update your profile now.

For all those starting on the path to parenthood, we send our best wishes, and wish you happiness along your journey.
All the best for the New Year 
Pride Angel

Note: Free message credits will only be added to your account once and only if your account has been verified, regardless of the number of times you log in over this time period. If you do not receive your free message credits by the 3rd January, please get in touch.

Posted: 30/12/2011 08:19:47


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