Single and Considering Motherhood? Volunteers Needed for Study. Can you help?

Single and Considering Motherhood? Volunteers Needed for Study. Can you help?

Would you like to take part in some cutting edge, exciting new research? Susanna Graham, a PhD student at the Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge, is undertaking a study exploring the decision-making and experiences of single women in the UK using donor sperm to achieve motherhood and is looking for volunteers to take part in the study. Further details about the study can be found below and if you would like more information or think you might be interested in taking part then please e-mail Susanna at

Why is the study being done?
Single motherhood by choice is a growing family trend. Some women choose to use donors from British sperm banks, some import sperm from abroad and others use known donors. Internet sperm donor matching sites such as Pride Angel are also an option for women wanting to find a sperm donor. Single women using donor sperm has sparked much ethical debate amongst policy makers and the media but very little is known about the women who make this choice and there has been no research into why women might use internet matching sites to find a donor. This study therefore aims to better understand the issues and factors important to women embarking upon single motherhood by choice, to hear their own thoughts and feelings about their situation and the choices they are making regarding donor sperm.

Am I eligible to take part?
If you are a heterosexual woman living in the UK who is currently trying or thinking about getting pregnant with the aid of donor sperm and are currently not in a relationship with a partner then you are eligible to take part in this study.

What does taking part involve?
Choosing to take part in the study would involve you being interviewed by a researcher about your reasons for pursuing motherhood alone, the decisions you have made regarding how to embark upon motherhood, particularly about finding a donor, and your experiences of this so far. Anything that you say during this research will be kept strictly confidential. The study has received ethical approval from the Ethics Committee of the School of Humanities and Social Science, University of Cambridge.

What will happen to the findings of the research?
The findings of this research will be written up and submitted as a PhD thesis. It is also expected that they will be used for publication in academic journals and presented at academic conferences. They will also be made available to Pride Angel and other specialist groups of professionals who are directly involved in working with single women using donor sperm and so therefore may help other women in similar situations.

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