Visit Pride Angel at The Fertility Show London Olympia

Visit Pride Angel at The Fertility Show London Olympia

image-11.jpgThe Fertility show, London Olympia started today with many visitors arriving to discuss their infertility concerns and questions with the 100 exhibitors on show. Exhibitors included fertility clinics from within the UK, USA and Europe. Fertility support services, talked about alternative options to IVF, including natural fertility techniques, DuoFertility, Zestica along with Zita West vitamins and many more. Pride Angel was a popular stand today with many more visitors being interested in the opportunity of using known sperm or egg donors as a method of conceiving. Fertility clinics spoke with interest with Pride Angel, as they are seeing many more people taking known donors to clinics for fertility treatment.

Why not take a visit to The Fertility Show tomorrow Saturday 5th November? There will be many interesting seminars, to include the following:

Saturday 12.45-13.30
International Surrogacy
Earlier this year, Channel 4 aired a controversial documentary called Google Baby which followed the journey of embryos, created in a United States fertility clinic from donor sperm and eggs, to India where they were implanted into local surrogates. Dr Gad Lavy who runs New England Fertility, the IVF clinic featured in the film, talks about what's involved in international surrogacy whilst Louisa Ghevaert, partner specialising in fertility and parenting law at UK solicitors Porter Dodson, discusses the complicated legal aspects involved with such arrangements.

Saturday 14.30-15.15
Issues for families created with donors
If you are hoping to use donated sperm, eggs or embryos to start your family, then the issues of what, when and how to tell a child about their genetic origin becomes crucial. This can be even more complicated with the use of anonymous overseas donors. Olivia Montuschi who runs DC Network, an organisation of 1,500 families created with the help of donors, is joined by a donor conceived person to discuss being open with children in these cases.

Saturday 14.45-15.30
Single women and lesbian couples - options for conceiving.
What are the routes open to women who want to conceive without having sex with a man? Dr Carole Gilling-Smith, Medical Director of the Agora Fertility Clinic, explains the practical issues around getting pregnant with donor sperm, including IUI and IVF, whilst Natalie Woods, a lesbian patient of Carole’s who became a mother after treatment and is also a fertility counsellor, goes into some of the issues discussed in counselling as well as providing a patient’s perspective.

Pride Angel will be exhibiting on stand 20, so if you have any questions, why not come along and have a chat, we look forward to seeing you there.

Article: 4th November 2011

Posted: 04/11/2011 15:07:14


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