Top ten unsual baby names of 2012

Top ten unsual baby names of 2012

Popular Disney characters’ names have topped the list of unusual names given to babies born in 2012.

While names like Belle or Jasmine and boys names Peter or Donald spring to mind those aren’t the ones being chosen. Instead parents are opting for Tinkerbell and Nemo as names for their children.

Other quirky names on the list include Star, Bliss, Pyper, Buttercup and Kizzie for girls while River, Blade, Buzz-Bee, Storm and Zico rank high for boys. But traditionalists need not fear, as the most popular names given to both boys and girls sound a great deal more familiar.

Old-school, traditional names topped the overall baby names list in the UK for 2012. The top names for boys and girls were Ethan and Eva, respectively. The big themes predicted for 2013 are ancient names and Roman Gods, sparked by The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones.

Parenting website put the list of unusual names together from the birth certificates of 430,000 babies born in the UK this year. A spokesperson said: “Parents are being creative and wanting their children to stand out from the crowd with unusual names. “Some parents chose unusual names because they don’t want their child to share the same name as others at school. The desire for classroom ‘standout’ is certainly a growing trend.”

The spokesperson added: “Today’s baby trends change quickly and names that first seem unusual can quickly become common in the classroom. “Generally speaking, whatever name a child is given they usually grow up to make it their own.” The most unusual baby names of 2012

1. Tinkerbell - Girl
2. Nemo - Boy
3. Sailor - Boy
4. Buzz-Bee - Boy
5. Zed - Boy
6. Blade - Boy
7. Zico - Boy
8. Diesel – Boy
9. Buttercup- Girl
10. Bliss – Girl

Article: 28th December 2012

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