Father's day: Why not play a role in a child's life?

Father's day: Why not play a role in a child's life?

Wishing all dads out there a fantastic father’s day! Whether you are gay or straight, single or in a relationship, there are so many ways in which being a ‘dad’ can play an important role in a child’s life.

You may be a donor wishing to stay in contact with a child like an ‘uncle figure’ or maybe you are co-parenting with a single woman or lesbian couple. Your family may have been created by fostering, adoption or even surrogacy.

Whatever the process - one thing is for sure, that the journey to parenthood although not always easy, will have brought joy and love to your lives.

We at Pride Angel have thousands of female members wishing to meet genuine sperm donors or co-parents willing to give the gift of life. Why not play a role in their child’s lives, whether it’s simply enabling a child to be able to send a father’s day card or even having regular contact with their dad.

So if you think you can help someone create their dream of having a family and even achieve your own dream of becoming a ‘dad’ then why not register today for FREE with Pride Angel.

Article: by Pride Angel 17th June 2012

Posted: 17/06/2012 11:20:19


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