Considering fertility and parenting options? we want to hear from you

Considering fertility and parenting options? we want to hear from you

A TV production company ‘Garden Productions’, have approached us, as they are in the process of making a new groundbreaking documentary series for Channel 4.

The series is concentrating on people who are about to make a very significant life-changing decision and they are keen to explore the area of fertility and parenting within the series.

As part of their research they would very much like to reach out to couples and individuals who are thinking about starting a family through sperm donation, IVF or egg sharing, but are still at a point where they are not entirely sure if they want to proceed and may be exploring other methods as well.

At this stage they keen to reach out to couples (both same sex and heterosexual) and single people who are still deciding and are yet to take the first steps. Samantha from Garden Productions thought that Pride Angel would be a good place to let people know about her research.

Samantha would be really happy to speak with any interested people in more detail about the project and about how the programme works, all of which will be in confidence. There is no obligation to take the process any further once you have spoken with Samantha, so please feel free to contact us at Pride Angel for more information or with any questions.

Finally, a note about ‘Garden Productions’. They produces a wide range of interesting, sensitive television programmes including Channel 4's ‘24 Hours In A&E’ and they’re really excited about this new groundbreaking project for Channel 4.

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Posted: 04/05/2012 10:29:24


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