Gaydar radio talks about gay and lesbian parenting options

Gaydar radio talks about gay and lesbian parenting options

Gaydar Radio interviewed Sarah Wood-Health from Natalie Gamble Associates on Saturday morning about same sex parenting and the options and pitfalls for gay and lesbian parents starting a family.

Talking to Neil and Debbie on the Saturday morning breakfast show (as Britain’s answer to Ally McBeal!), Sarah explained how surrogacy works for gay fathers, and the differences between a surrogacy arrangement in the UK or abroad.

Careful planning is the best way of avoiding legal problems, especially for gay dads planning international surrogacy, given the immigration issues and the fact that UK law won’t recognise a foreign birth certificate naming you both as the parents.

Sarah was also asked about the options for lesbian couples, discussing the pros and cons of using a known or unknown sperm donor, and the need to set things up in the right way.

Although the law has become much more gay-friendly in the last few years, so much is still so untested, including what happens where relationships break down and who has rights and parental status when gay or lesbian parents break up or get divorced.

The good news is that there are so many options available now for same sex couples and single gay and lesbian parents – adoption and co-parenting are also on the list. While the law still has a little way to go, it is evolving to try and keep up and it is now much easier for same sex couples or singles to find a way to start a family.

It’s just a question of knowing your options and making an informed decision so you make the right choice for you. With good advice it needn’t be complicated.

Article: 28th May 2012 by Natalie Gamble Associates

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