Times magazine to do a new feature on fatherhood, can you help?

Times magazine to do a new feature on fatherhood, can you help?

The Times Magazine is planning a big feature on the new faces of fatherhood and really wants to get in touch with men who have been known donors - possibly for friends or for a couple/person they have met online - or who are co-parenting in some way. The idea is to celebrate alternative ideas of fatherhood and what constitutes a modern family, and to explore how individuals make it work for them.

We are looking for six men who have been known donors, perhaps with varying degrees of contact with the child (from none to sporadic, right up to daily) who are happy to be interviewed (phone is fine if preferred) and to attend a photoshoot at a date convenient for them (travel expenses paid if applicable; children won't be photographed).

We'd be guided by them about what they are most happy to talk about, but topics covered might include: why they decided to be a known donor, how long had they known the couple/person, did they have a written agreement, what are the positives for them - are they what they expected, what kind of relationship do they have with the child and with the mother/parents, has the experience changed them, what advice would they have for others planning something similar.

It's a great opportunity to inform a wide readership of the positives of alternative families, and we're really hoping people out there will agree and contact us. Many thanks for your time and best wishes to all.

If you think you can help, then please contact us at Pride Angel and we will give you more information.

Posted: 25/05/2012 10:50:45


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