Another successful year at the Alternative Parenting Show

Another successful year at the Alternative Parenting Show

image-3.jpgAnother successful year at the Alternative Parenting Show 2012.

Pride Angel had hundreds of visitors to our stand on Saturday. It was fantastic to be able to get the message out to many more single women and lesbian couples who were considering their options of choosing a known donor or thinking about co-parenting. There were also many single men and gay couples who were seriously considering co-parenting as an option which they previously had not considered would be a feasible option of becoming a parent. For those considering surrogacy many wished to find a known egg donor through Pride Angel, so that they could pass on more information to their child about their genetic origins. We really enjoyed being able to meet people face-to-face at our stand to be able to discuss the different parenting options available and how Pride Angel can help many people achieve their family.

Many people at the show asked questions about the following options:

• Single men and women wanting to co-parent
• Gay couples wanting to co-parent and be hands on fathers
• Gay couples wishing to find an egg donor for a surrogacy arrangement
• Lesbian couples wanting to choose a known donor who could be part of their child’s life
• Women wishing to donate eggs and become an aunty to the child
• Women looking for advice on how to conceive using home insemination
• Taking a known donor to a fertility clinic, what is the process
• What kind of involvement does a known donor really have
• How does a donor child feel about their donor father
• What health screening tests are required when undertaking insemination at home
• What is the legal position when using a known donor or co-parenting

Erika co-founder of Pride Angel said ‘It was lovely to get so much positive feedback from people about Pride Angel’ ‘We would love to hear far more feedback from our users to see how they get on along their journey and of course it’s lovely to hear all the success stories’

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