Ellen DeGeneres denies Sperm Donor Rumors

Ellen DeGeneres denies Sperm Donor Rumors

Rumors have been circulating that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi want a baby and to start a family together. DeGeneres recently shot down those rumors, insisting that the couple aren’t planning on kids, indeed, that they don’t even want them.

DeGeneres appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on September 6 and was asked by host Jay Leno about the ongoing rumor that she is looking for a sperm donor in order to start a family with Portia De Rossi. The 54-year-old daytime talk show host denied the speculation with her usual deadpanning manner.

“I heard you and Portia are having a baby,” said Leno. “Is this true?”

“I’m here for your sperm,” DeGeneres joked. “That is not true. I don’t know why people want this. I’ve said it so many times: We are not going to have a child. And they say that we’re looking for the right donor. Although, you would be a good donor, so I’ll keep it in mind, just in case. I mean, it would have beautiful blue eyes, and a good sense of humor and a good shot at a NBC show. We would do well.”

DeGeneres and De Rossi were married in their home in the summer of 2008 in the brief window of time during which same-sex marriage was legal in California. DeGeneres insisted that she has no problem with kids; she just doesn’t particularly want them herself.

“I don’t want to have one. I don’t want to have six. I don’t want to have any,” DeGeneres said. “They’re precious to look at and I love them; we have nieces and I love them very much … don’t want ‘em.”

DeGeneres has battled baby speculation before, notes MSN Wonderwall, joking in her 2011 book Seriously… I’m Kidding that she couldn’t have kids because “there is far too much glass in our house.”

Do you think that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi would be good parents if they ultimately decided to pursue a family?

Article:7th September 2012 www.inquisitr.com

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