IVF clinic in Nottingham offers free Chromosome screening

IVF clinic in Nottingham offers free Chromosome screening

A CITY fertility clinic is inviting prospective IVF patients to join a clinical trial to have their embryos screened free of charge for abnormalities.

Care Fertility has pioneered the of egg and embryo screening, called Array CGH. The aim of the study is to test whether transferring normal embryos significantly increases pregnancy and live birth rates in younger women undergoing IVF for the first time.

People who take part must meet a number of criteria:

- Female age less than 35
- Male and female BMI less than 35
- No previous IVF treatment
- No history of miscarriage
- Normal sperm count

Patients can apply online to join the trial. If accepted they will undergo an IVF cycle, paying only for their IVF treatment and drugs. Chromosome screening, normally costing £2,435, will be free of charge.

Managing director Dr Simon Fishel said: "My personal goal for our patients is to improve the chances of conceiving a healthy embryo and a healthy baby in the first attempt at IVF."

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Posted: 20/09/2012 06:50:27


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