'And baby makes three' at the Building Families Show

'And baby makes three' at the Building Families Show

So the two of you are more than happy, but do you want more? Have you ever considered you might be ready for a baby? More and more same sex partners are taking the steps to provide a secure and loving family.

Society’s attitude towards gay parenting has changed too. Nowadays, an increasing number of gay people are seriously considering parenthood as a viable option. Attitudes have changed because people are experiencing problems conceiving a child for a variety of reasons, with one in six couples now seeking help in trying for a child.

With figures like this, many people are heading down to the Building Families Show, at the Hilton, London Metropole on 6th April 2013. Infertility, for any reason, can take you to a lonely and desperate place. But it also expresses inner strength you didn’t know you had. Building Families brings together the world’s leading IVF & Surrogacy specialists and showcases the most diverse range of innovative methods and technologies to make surrogacy and sperm or egg donation work for you.

The unique event will bring the professionals and the general public together under one roof to discuss options for the next chapter in your journey and advise you on how to start, or help your family grow – through the help of IVF, surrogacy or egg donation. Building Families presents a perfect opportunity to boost and update your knowledge of the world of Surrogacy and Gamete Donation and to meet new friends.

As a potential or intended parent you will get support from other people going through IVF, surrogacy or gamete donation, and the experts will talk you through your options as an individual.

It is a fantastic opportunity to hear what the process of becoming a parent would be like for you, by discussing your future with exhibitors, including: British Surrogacy Centre; Simply Fertility and California Fertility Partners – who together, have over 30 years’ of experience. Plus, there will be seminars all day, which will be held by world class experts who will discuss the options for your journey, or explain their own steps into parenthood.

Speakers will include Anne-Marie Hutchinson, OBE, Tony Drewitt-Barlow, on his personal surrogacy journey and a designated question time with experts from The California Fertility Partnership, Dawson Cornwell and Andrea Bryman.

Entry is free if you pre-register and you will be surrounded by people waiting to work for you – to give you what you need and tohelp create the family you have always dreamed of. Everything you always thought you couldn’t have, you now can, and leading experts are waiting to help. So what are you waiting for? Go down, and make the most of the day and start on the exciting journey of becoming a parent. After all good things come in threes

Article: 15th March 2013

Posted: 15/03/2013 16:34:31


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