Two mums personal journey - trying for baby number 2

Two mums personal journey - trying for baby number 2

We last wrote to Pride Angel in July 2012, our story won in the competition ‘Two mums personal journey’. Since then our lives have been a whirlwind. We had our gorgeous Ellie on 26th November 2012.

Unfortunately she had to be delivered by emergency caesarian because she was breech and wedged in my pelvis! But she came along safe and sound and since then has grown into a beautiful little girl. She is adored by our family and totally adores her 2 brothers Brett and Ash and of course her 2 mummies (me and Caitlin). She turned 2 recently and we took her for a mini photo shoot, she loved posing and looked so gorgeous in her Peppa pig dress (see photo). We agreed from the beginning that our donor wouldn’t have any contact with Ellie however he loves to see photos and know how she is getting along.

Our baby making story is now starting all over again…we spoke with our donor this year (the same person that made our Ellie possible) and he agreed to donate again to help us give Ellie a sibling (of similar age).

We are trying all over again, using the wonderful Pride Angel kits. Every month once my period finishing (I track it on a fertile app on my phone) I test my urine daily using ovulation tests and await a positive result. When the positives arrives, we email our donor and arrange to collect the sample later that day. Obviously we now have little Ellie to consider so we wait until she is in bed. Caitlin goes off out in the car about 7pm to collect the ‘little swimmers’ (this is our nicer name for sperm) and I set up our bedroom. I light candles, put our little fairy lights on (on the bed) get pillows ready for propping my bottom up and most importantly I get our baby making kit ready for use. I always have a little alcohol drink too, to relax me.

We use all sterile items (the pride angel deluxe insemination kit) which includes a disposable vaginal speculum (to ensure Caitlin can see where to put the little swimmers), the vital Syringe extenders (gets the little swimmers to the right place and conceive plus vaginal lubricant (to help the swimmers stay alive and swim swim swim!).

We want to take this opportunity to thank ‘Pride Angel’ so much. Without you we wouldn’t have the fantastic kits, the positive stories to focus on and helpful hints.

So… here’s to pride angel (raise a glass) and please cross your fingers for us! Hopefully 2015 will be our year and another little pride angel baby will be conceived. We will be sure to keep you updated.

Posted: 24/03/2016 17:00:44


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