Your Fertility, Health and Mindset

Your Fertility, Health and Mindset

It's a MIRACLE...

Last Thursday I returned from the doctor's and I was the happiest girl alive, ready to announce to the world that I'm five MONTHS PREGNANT with a little BOY!

This is a miracle because a few years ago I was told by the TOP fertility expert in San Diego that I would NEVER get pregnant due to my age, hormone levels, and number of eggs I had left.

When he told me this I was crushed... but I decided that answer didn't work for me, so I took my health into my own hands.

I created a CLEAR PLAN on how to get my body into the best shape possible for fertility.

I got SERIOUS and FOCUSED on what it was I really wanted with my body, health, and life and I didn't let other people's beliefs and my fears get in the way.

I took risks, stayed strong, and invested in a mentor that I trusted, streamlining my process and giving me the best chance possible with the results that I wanted.

I got to a point that I got my body in a great place, but my MIND was still working against me.

So I put consistent effort into mastering my mindset, getting my body and mind ON THE SAME TEAM, learning to sidestep my fears and doubts of doing motherhood on my own and what I was capable of.

I know that you have also had fears and doubts in regards to losing weight and your health, thinking you've tried everything. You've probably been frustrated with your body, feeling as if it's betrayed you, thinking it should be different than it is today.

ALL OF THIS CAN CHANGE and you CAN have the body you want, light, energetic, and healthy! You can also stop listening to people who are bringing you down and get a mentor that will show you the EXACT steps you need to make your Body Dream come true.

NEVER let go of your dreams or believe you can't create ANYTHING... health, business, ideal clients you adore, success, love, money, family.

I'm VERY clear that I could not have achieved my desired result without reaching out for support.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel... put your health, mindset, and self-love issues to rest and start ENJOYING YOUR LIFE!

If you want Kerri to help you create your personalized CLEAR PLAN TO HEALTH than schedule a quick phone call with her, for free, byclicking here to see what works best for your schedule.

Posted: 24/03/2016 17:11:20


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