Normal and Blandly Unique

Normal and Blandly Unique

The endless variables of personality and genes, gender, birth order and age-gap and culture and geographical location and employment and religion and nationality and diet and priorities and financial situation and everything else means every family is of course unique. And while my family is a two-mummy family, I don’t really think of our family as an LGBT family any more than we think of it as…well, a family. It’s our family. It feels normal – it is normal, for us and it’s unique as all families all…as all humans are.

And while I’m aware that most families are not two-mummy ones, just now I’m far more aware that most families send their children to school. They don’t home educate as we do. As we have just officially started to do this first week of September, by not sending our four-year-old to school.

So we play in the woods and read stories on the sofa and play Junior Scrabble at the dining table instead of posting photos of a grinning, uniform-clad four-year-old to social media, and I wonder whether there will come a time in my children’s life where I will be more acutely aware of being a two-mummy family than being a home-educating family. Or whether, when September passes home-educating will fade to normal as well. And, in my mind, we’ll just be the same bland unique as everyone else again.

Posted: 10/09/2017 12:38:11


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