Telling our daughter she was donor conceived

Telling our daughter she was donor conceived

Our daughter, Eva Rose is now 2.5 years. We felt it was time to explain to her all about how she came to be. We wanted to be sure that she had the answers if any child asked her about her Daddy.

We found this lovely book that made the telling really easy. It’s called The Magic of You and you tailor it so it tells your child their story. You add photos of the mums or dads, the child and, if you wish, the donor (and surrogate if you used one). These are then made into avatars – so it really is your child’s own book.

The book includes wonderfully simple explanations about the process, with lovely illustrations and a photobook section at the back where you can add photos of all the important people in your story. The book is then printed in a hardback cover.

In short, our book is absolutely amazing, my daughter can’t get enough of it.

Children are curious and sometimes cruel. Thanks to her book Eva Rose can explain quite simply that she has two mums that love her and a donor, Daddy Simon Lee. She is such a confident, bubbly little girl and in turn we are confident she won’t be blindsided by questions or comments in the playground.

If you made your beautiful baby with the help of a donor or surrogate, go to the website and create your child’s own book

Posted: 02/09/2020 21:48:41


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