Would you like to take part in a verbatim show?

Would you like to take part in a verbatim show?

Would you like to take part in a verbatim show?

Next of Kin, a play fusing a collage of real stories with music and history, explores and celebrates the reality of creating family when you don’t fit the nuclear mould.

Over the last year, Hannah and Emily have interviewed families created through donors, clinics, sperm banks, unofficial adoption, friendship and random acts of kindness. They are particularly looking to interview further individuals who:

- have experience of accessing or supporting fertility treatment from the perspective of being black, indigenous or a personal of colour (BIPOC) - individuals who have experienced financial barriers in creating their family - individuals who have unofficially created "chosen families" as adults

How we work:

Verbatim theatre is a style of theatre in which a show's script is entirely made up of real words spoken by people in recorded interviews. As makers we have also been interviewed, as this story began with Emily’s story of solo motherhood via donor conception and IVF. These interviews will form the basis of the script, edited together, with careful attention given to keeping the intention and meaning of the

original words in tact.

Interviews are paid with expenses only. We do not want to exchange money for stories, rather know that taking part is a choice free of conflict and a desire to share openly. These are your words and you will always be able to remain anonymous, amend or remove recorded material. We are sharing our work in stages through readings and work in progress performances, and are keeping the people we have interviewed close to the project all the way through, with and open channel of communication

and space for feedback along the process.

Want to know more? Get in touch at nextofkinproject@gmail.com

The team and concept are detailed on their website here. 


Posted: 24/04/2023 21:29:06


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