Happy International Womens Day from our Founder Erika Tranfield

Happy International Womens Day from our Founder Erika Tranfield

Last year saw a significant mile stone for the LGBTQ+ community in that the NHS now supports lesbian couples and woman to receive fertility treatment on the NHS the same as that for heterosexual prospective parents. This means that lesbian couples and women’s dreams of having a family are now even more achievable.

From my own personal point of view it is very important that people find the right donor. This has potentially been highlighted even more so in 2023 when we saw the first donor conceived people be able to apply to receive information on who their donor is.
Imagine your child living curious as to who the other contributor to 50% of their genetics are, until the day they are given that information, in addition to this, the information about the donor, 50% genetic make up of your child is also only available you you as a parent at this point in time also. That’s were Pride Angel is different, in that we facilitate in known donors. As humans instinctively when we meet, within minutes we know if that person fits.  This fundament is also key when choosing the right donor to be 50% of your child genetics, also taking out the worry of when one day your child will potentially meet them. Personally I have great pleasure in being able to give people this option and for Pride Angel to be able to Bridge that gap. We have over 100,000 members globally and within the UK an impressive figure of >5000 sperm donors of a diverse array

This international woman’s day my message is; you can do anything you set you heart on. Even to achieve that dream of having a family when so many would have considered impossible not so long ago, this is now possible - go head and live your dreams and be the parent you always imagined being.

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Posted: 08/03/2023 17:34:10


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