'Snowballs' cooling pants to help improve male fertility

'Snowballs' cooling pants to help improve male fertility

For men who are trying to conceive a baby the ideal environment in which to store their little swimmers is one cooled to a temperature slightly below core body heat.

So now one forward-thinking Morocco-based man (who has suffered fertility problems of his own) has invented a pair of men's underpants that keep things downstairs chilly in order to maximise the chances of conceiving. American Josh Shoemake's patented 'Snowballs' pants come with a special integrated pocket that cools a man's nether regions in effort to boost his sperm count.

Shoemake, 38, a full-time writer who was headmaster of The American School of Tangier for 5 years, himself spent lots of money and suffered endless heartache going through the 'fertility factory' with his wife. Originally from Virginia, Shoemake came up with the idea for Snowballs after a friend of his was told by a doctor to cool his genitals in order to help him conceive a baby.

On his Kickstarter webpage - through which he is attempting to net US$20,000 (£13,361) of funding before 4 April in order to produce and market the underpants - Shoemake explains how he and his friend became obsessed with the idea of how heat affects male fertility.

He says: 'It was my friend and his wife who really provided the breakthrough. It had been a painful year. There had been a silent miscarriage after two years of trying, and the best doctor that money could buy had said that their chances were now zero.'

Shoemake continues: 'They ignored his advice and saw another doctor, and then another, until finally one gynecologist took the time to sit down with them and listen carefully.

'Almost immediately, he had a new plan. First, my friend should begin icing his balls. Huh? And then he should have himself tested for a varicocele. Again, huh?'

Varicoceles are enlarged veins in the scrotum that bring more blood and raise scrotal temperatures. When Shoemake's friend began icing his testicles, he and his wife conceived a daughter.

Speaking to MailOnline, Shoemake said: The studies showing that icing works are pretty recent, and we're just starting out, but there is no doubt that heat kills sperm, and that icing prevents that.

'I imagine we'll have some additional testimonials pretty soon, but in fertility science, like in most science, it's difficult to isolate any one factor. 'As we say on the site: "We believe in miracles, but don't count on Snowballs to work 'miracles'. They should increase both sperm quality and quantity, and they should give you a better chance to conceive at minimal cost, but fertility science is complex, and you'll also want to consult with a urologist (for varicoceles), as well as your fertility specialist.'

If Shoemake accrues enough funding, each order of Snowballs will include three pair of specially designed underwear, three unique SnowWedges™, and a guide to what else you can be doing to maximize your chances at fatherhood.

Market price will be somewhere between $65 and $80 (£43-£53), and those who donate on Kickstarter will receive a discount.

Article: 13th March 2013 www.dailymail.co.uk

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