Donor Agreements

Donor and Co-parenting Agreements

As part of our commitment to keeping you safe, Pride Angel has long worked with NGA Law, the UK’s leading fertility law firm. We are now the only connection site in the UK to offer a donor and co-parenting agreement template (also called a pre conception agreement) to help you formalise your arrangement once you have made a match.

How will the template help you?

The template guides you on talking through the right things at the outset in order to avoid future problems, which you can then document within the agreement. The template agreement is drafted and kept up to date by NGA Law who have extensive experience helping to set up known donation arrangements successfully (as well as managing disputes when things go wrong).

How to get further legal advice?

Since no pre conception agreement is legally binding under UK law, NGA Law also provides bespoke legal advice to help those going into known donation arrangements to understand their legal position and how best to protect it. They can answer questions like who will be financially responsible, who can go on the birth certificate, who has parental responsibility and, if there is a problem, how the family court will deal with it. NGA Law works with parents, co-parents and donors (although can only advise one party in any particular arrangement). Unless they are providing a mediation service rather than legal advice).

What will it cost?

NGA Law offers a range of fixed fees so that you can choose what is best for you and your circumstances :

  • Template pre conception agreement £250 +VAT (a 9 page document for you to flesh out, with guidance notes)
  • Pre conception legal review £1,000 +VAT (providing specific legal advice on your situation, following which you can choose to prepare your own agreement, purchase the template or have a bespoke agreement prepared)
  • Pre conception legal review and bespoke agreement £2000 +VAT (an agreement prepared from scratch by a solicitor for your particular circumstances, following detailed legal advice)

How do you book an appointment or get a template agreement?

If you would like to arrange purchase a template agreement or arrange a meeting with a solicitor at NGA Law, you can telephone 020 3701 5915 or email
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Page last reviewed: 12/6/2018